i do want you to know

i hold you up, above everyone

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It’s Sunday ~
I just want to walk on a pretty street by myself and ..
watch a cool or funny movie. I want to do things like this a lot,

LUKIEs how are you ?
Do you prefer staying at home doing nothing,
Or going out ?!?!

I like walking around by myself, so if
you happen to see me, please call out to me ..
We can go on a date together today

trans: fy-lunafly

Wake up! B1A4!

I Won't Let You Go 


From Team BRZ Vol. 016

Scanned by me ^^


[] Pre-debut with B.A.P - Jongup.

Seeing the seniors dance, it made me think of how I wanted to try it for myself and since then, I literally only practiced. - Jongup